Weekly Costs of the Ten Most Popular Diets

The median diet worked out to a costly $85.79 a week–that’s 58% more than the $54.44 the average single American spends on food. Our price calculations for the foods on each menu were done on a per-serving basis. Prices came from New York City-based online grocer Fresh Direct and were adjusted to the national average to control for any price differential.

Jenny Craig dieters were the hardest hit. A week’s worth of food, which includes Jenny Craig-supplied meals and supplemental snacks, cost $137.65. The informal (but for spokesman Jared Fogle, effective) Subway Sandwich Diet was the least expensive of the bunch, at $68.60 a week.


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2 Responses to Weekly Costs of the Ten Most Popular Diets

  1. Nathan says:

    the average american only spends $54.44/week on food? man, living in manhattan sure is expensive. i spend that in about 2 days on food.

  2. Trinity13 says:

    I spend about $60 every two weeks for my family of three.

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