Sometimes I’ll get questions from my readers regarding how much money I make from this website and if there is anyway they can offer their support.

Regarding money, I just about break-even when it comes to what I bring in and what it costs to run this silly little blog.  is really nothing more than a hobby in which I spend anywhere from two to four hours a day.

If you would like to support this website, you can do so in the following ways:

Donate to help fight Lupus

Longtime readers know that my mother suffered from Lupus and was severely weakened by the disease and the effect it had on our family. So one way to support my website is to make an online memorial donation to the Lupus Foundation of America to help fight the disease.

Donations should be in honor of my mother, Kim Geeding. If you don’t mind, forward the confirmation email to me (minus all the personal and confidential info, of course) as an acknowledgment.  My email address is geeding at bagofnothing dot com.

Buy from through

I’m an Affiliate, which means if you buy from Amazon using any of their links from this website, I get a small cut of the sale.

I also have an Wish List if you want to send me something I want.

Spread the word

Nothing strokes a blogger’s ego more than website traffic.

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