BagOfNothing.com is a time wasting blog created by Keith W. Geeding, half-Asian liberal Christian and single-father of two living in North Texas.

As of today, there is no record of how much corporate productivity has been wasted because of this silly little website or how much corporate productivity has been increased because the material posted provided a nice refresher from the daily work grind.

The point of having me having this blog is nothing more than me finding stuff that may or may not interest you, and to help you look at things from another perspective. A lot of my posts are just cut-and-paste sections from articles about religion and politics and whatnot. The reason being is to challenge one’s thinking, or perhaps bring a point of view one may not normally be exposed to, and to stimulate conversation amongst my readers. It warms my heart that some families talk about BoN at the dinner table. All the other posts are either personal in nature (like the almost daily Bag of Randomness) or stuff that I thought was interesting, funny, or touching. Use discernment when reading, don’t take everything literally, and sometimes fiction is mixed in with reality to make a more interesting story.

For more information, check out the FAQ and Geedingology sections below.


What’s with the name?
I originally heard this phrase from my friend Bone, who I think may have heard it from KTCK 1310 The Ticket.  When asked a question that he had no answer to, he would sometimes respond with “I have a whole bag of nothing for you.”  I thought that was a clever answer, and a catchy domain name.  Basically, I consider this website a whole bag of nothing in that I share the events of my life and somewhat pointless links in hopes of entertaining others, making people think, and destroying a little corporate productivity.

Why do you do this?
I was keeping a blog on LiveJournal.com, but sometimes the servers where slow and I didn’t feel like it offered me much flexibility.  I also didn’t want to annoy my friends by email or LiveJournal by sending or posting stuff 5-10 times a day.  By keeping maintaining my own blog/webpage, I can post what I want without any ramifications.

Where do you find this stuff?
I need you to remove your link to my site, take down a picture, or give me proper credit.
I find this stuff all over the place and people will often send me links to consider posting. I admit I’m not very good at properly citing sources, but I’m getting better.  A lot, admittingly, comes from sources on popurls. I filter what I find there and post it to this website if it fits this blog’s ‘personality.’ It’s really stuff anyone can find from any of the major ‘time-wasting’ websites, but I just filter to what I think fit’s this blog. If there is ever a concern about me using your material such as a picture, please contact me and I’ll take it down or provide you with the proper credit.

You’re a Christian Democrat living in Texas – I thought only Republicans could be Christian and live in Texas?
It’s a common misconception, but we do exist, and it’s not always easy.

Are you married?
Not any more. I didn’t have a choice in the matter, but I hope to find love again. Yup, to the best looking one-eyed-girl I know.  We are currently the parents to two a young girl and boy, and two fur-children – DogGeedingII and OtherDogGeeding.

What’s this Geeding stuff you keep on using?
Geeding is my last name, and I like to refer to myself as Geeding, my wife as WifeGeeding, DaughterGeeding is my daughter, BoyGeeding is my son, my dog is DogGeedingII, and so on and so on. I started using that terminology on my old blog and a lot of my friends thought it sounded funny and liked it, so I decided to keep a good thing going.

Sometimes we can leave comments and sometimes not, what’s up with that? Also, I noticed one of my comments got deleted, what happened?
That’s the freedom of owning my own blog.


All things that make Geeding, Geeding

Basically just a bunch of things that describe me and my likes and dislikes – in no particular order.  Some are to be taken serious, and others are not.  It’s one way for you just to get to know a little more about me.  This list is subject to change at any moment.

  • Humbled by the grace of Jesus Christ. If I didn’t list this first, then a fellow “brother or sister in Christ” would call me out for not having Christ first in my life. Whew, glad I got that covered.
  • Married to the best looking one-eyed woman ever
  • Family
  • U2
  • Half-Asian (Vietnamese)
  • Half-White
  • Democrat/Independent
  • Recovering Baptist
  • Mainline Protestant
  • Loves the feeling of warm laundry right out of the dryer
  • Can not stand the feeling of having dry socks on and then stepping on something wet
  • Football
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Presidential History
  • BBQ
  • Steak
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes
  • 1310 The Ticket
  • NPR
  • Coca-Cola Classic
  • Hometown: Mineral Wells, TX
  • Education:
    BBA Finance – Hardin-Simmons University
    MBA E-Commerce – University of Dallas
  • If I had a do-over in life, I would have attended the University of Texas in Austin
  • Former adjunct business professor at LeTourneau University
  • Previous places of employment: Fidelity Investments, Southwest Airlines (as a contractor), Lockheed Martin, and this other place where I contract for the U.S. Treasury Department.
  • Dairy Queen M&M Blizzard
  • Often mis-understood
  • Wish I was an avid reader.
  • When I die, I will feel that a part of my life went unfulfilled because I never served in the US Military.
  • Hates doing #2 anywhere except at home.
  • Constantly confused which one #1 or #2 is
  • Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Letterman over Leno
  • Able to understand and appreciate both sides of an argument.
  • First Job: Waiter/Busboy at a Chinese restaurant
  • Wish more people would provide a courtesy flush in public restrooms.
  • Annoyed by over zealous college alumni
  • Extremely loyal member of USAA
  • Prefer dogs over cats
  • Green Tea
  • Gravy
  • Not a fan of country music
  • Can’t stand false sincerity
  • Not a fan of being interrupted when I speak
  • Lactose Intolerant – I have witnesses
  • Drivers of Acuras are snobs – just trust me on this one and keep and eye out for them on the road, you’ll understand – trust me.  But that doesn’t mean those who drive Acuras can’t be my friend.
  • Can’t stand the sight of Uggs or Crocs
  • Can never understand why people can’t get Geeding right. It boggles my mind that it is often spelled Greeding, Geddings, and everything in between.
  • Love using the sleep timer on the TV when trying to fall asleep
  • Can’t stand fraternities and sororities – I’m about inclusion, not exclusion
  • Never understood why people use bumper stickers to voice an opinion.
  • Annoyed by the over-zealous college alumni. I’m sure this contributed to my divorce.
  • Throwing the football with a good friend is one of my favorite things about life
  • Wish I could play a musical instrument or sing well
  • Received a spanking on the first day of kindergarten
  • I want to fly in a fighter jet one day before I die
  • Wishes a severe rash on people who don’t put their shopping cart away after loading their groceries in their vehicle.
  • My ideal president is Josiah Bartlet
  • Wind chimes are my kryptonite
  • Sometimes wish I was the child of Don Draper and Liz Lemon.
  • My ideal woman would be a mixture of Dana Scully, Kim Wexler, and Liz Lemon.
  • I can’t stand the taste or smell of any freshwater or seafood cuisine.
  • Grace

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