Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, November 29, 2023

  • I’d pee my pants if I recognized him at a restaurant – Harrison Ford really loves Fort Worth restaurants
    • Ford has been coming to Fort Worth regularly for years to update his helicopter pilot training at Bell Helicopter. He seems to enjoy fine-dining establishments, casual taco trucks and high-end cocktail lounges.
  • The songĀ Imagine was sung at Rosalynn Carter’s funeral yesterday. What an odd choice for such a devout Christian. The first line is, “Imagine there’s no heaven.”
  • I saw the wound doctor yesterday, and he gave me some news. I wasn’t looking for. The short of it is I have to wear one of those wound vacs again.
  • While playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out I discovered or realized the saying “Saved by the bell” referred to a boxer who was about to be defeated and would be “saved if the bell” that marked the end of a round rang out.
  • A week from today I’ll be in Las Vegas to see U2 at the Sphere. I sure hope I’m strong and healthy enough to enjoy it. I haven’t traveled, even a road trip, all this year. All my vacation days have been used as paid time off sick days. In other words, I haven’t been away for a long time, and I could probably use it.
  • I wonder what the critic really thinks about the new/updated Australian film – Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman play two of the worst characters ever
  • I’ve wondered about this all my life.

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