Bag of Randomness for Friday, December 9, 2022

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, December 8, 2022

  • Mars is the only planet solely inhabited by robots.
  • Yesterday Mike Rhyner and Greg Williams of the old Hardline on The Ticket reunited on radio, on The Freak. I didn’t get a chance to listen to any of it, but found the segments for download on iHeartRadio.
  • I wonder why Amazon Prime and Deion Sanders have never worked together. Maybe it’s too on the nose. For the last three months when I go grocery shopping, I’m surprised to see him on a bag of nothing Doritos. I promise it’s him and I’m not confusing him with Ezekiel Elliot.
  • Within the last two or three years of the end of my marriage, I bought a back-scratcher. It’s not a big deal to most, but it was for me. I became uncomfortable asking my wife to do the smallest of things, like scratching my back. It was often hard to ask her to do stuff because she responded in a way that made me feel as if I was bothering or inconveniencing her. Often I would think that this is the best that life has to offer, and I shouldn’t be judgmental. I should just be accepting of any perceived shortcoming and focus on what I liked best about her. It’s weird thinking you will have to spend a lifetime putting up with that and then be freed of it. Though, freedom wasn’t what I was seeking. I didn’t want to be adored, just appreciated, and I never felt that way around her. I tried to talk to her about it. She denied she acted in such a way to make me feel like that, and never did anything to help make things better. I felt like I forgave her and chalked it up as something she just wasn’t capable of doing and something I shouldn’t expect out of her.
  • One time at a church event, I heard someone’s wife talk about her decision to go to a certain university and how she regretted it from time to time. But ultimately, she’d say, if she didn’t go, she would have never met the love of her life. Every time I saw her, I thought what an appreciative wife she was. Then, slowly realize, and begrudgingly accept, I’ll never have that with what I have. Again, my focus was to overlook that and be appreciative of other things in my relationship.
  • A new writer tweeted about a low book signing turnout, and famous authors commiserated
  • When I ran across this tweet yesterday, it reminded me of how my ex made me feel neglected. I felt I was third on her priority list, right behind her family and Baylor University. I’m not joking.
  • This made me laugh.
  • Here’s a snippet from the Bono interview held at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. I wonder what it must have been like for the singer to sing in front of the person who wrote and is most well known for singing the song. Granted, MLK is the most well known of U2 songs. That song does something to me that most songs don’t. It makes me just stop down and do that whole “Be still and know that I’m God” sorta thing. Instead of singing along and looking forward to the chorus or whatnot, it makes me feel very present.

  • And here’s Bono singing Miracle Drug acapella.

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 5, 2022

  • It was an honor and pleasure to watch TCU quarterback Max Duggan play on Saturday. Dez Bryant even thought so (language warning). It was a bone-headed move not to let him score in OT.
  • While I’m happy TCU is in the final four playoffs, there’s a part of me that thinks if you can’t win your conference championship, you shouldn’t be there. But it’s all a flawed system.
  • Biden’s remarks on U2 (1). Biden’s remarks on U2 (2).
  • We put up the Christmas tree yesterday. When I bought that tree a handful of years ago, I thought my family would benefit from it for a long while. I had no idea the tree would outlive my family.
  • A friend I made in a divorce support group was having a hard time the other evening after his possession time ended. He’s been divorced for about six months longer than me and even has a new girlfriend. But there’s nothing like building a family and having someone choose to burn it all to the ground.
  • I binge watched Netflix’s Wednesday with DaughterGeeding. I’m usually not a fan of Tim Burton’s stuff, but I found it entertaining and clever. Maybe it was the putting up the tree, but I got this weird bit of a nostalgic feeling after watching the series with her. I can only describe it as that feeling I’d get post movie watching a rented VHS tape and that time you take to rewind immediately after. That’s when the lights would come on in the living room and Dad would go use the bathroom. It was my job to eject the tape and put it back in its case.
  • My former classmate made the NY Times. The church isn’t being transparent about his actions and I think something smells. What the article didn’t mention was how he put on social media how he spent time in a cabin as if he was on a paid retreat or vacation. But the reporter stuck the landing with the last sentence of the article.
  • It’s crazy how this is still a program – Nebraska man gets prison for leaving noose for coworker
  • I caught the 60 Minutes interview with French President Macron. He wore a black turtleneck, it was like watching a Bond villain. The interview started in the French equivalent of the Oval Office, where he showed off a copy of the Key to the Bastille. The kids and I saw the original displayed at Mount Vernon. They sold copies of it in the gift shop. I seriously wonder if the copy he had came from the gift shop. It was neat being able to identify something and know the history of something the correspondent did not know about. I think Macron is a smoker, at least he has the teeth of a smoker.
  • When the national anthem is played on television before a sporting event, I feel I need to treat it with some reverence and respect instead of just sitting there on the couch.
  • If I were an NFL player, I’d wear a shaded visor. It would be my way of hiding any potential tell my eyes may be giving away.
  • ‘Bad idea’: Man tries to steal from Walmart during Shop with a Cop event
  • School Nurse Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Adderall From Students
  • Active volcano and lightning.

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, December 2, 2022

  • For the last two, maybe three years, DaughterGeeding has presented her Christmas list via PowerPoint. She sends it us via e-mail. That’s a pretty effective way to keep divorced parents who don’t talk to each other in the loop.
  • FDR and Truman were only two years apart in age.
  • The last Democrat to nominate a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was Truman. Fred Vinson was the nominee.
  • My favorite blogger is on top of ransomware news, especially when it hits small towns or jurisdictions. I recently read that money spent on ransomware to get things back to normal are tax deductible.
  • Dallas has the two best players under the age of 25 in both the NBA and NFL.
  • As much as I would like to watch Bono’s event at the National Cathedral via a virtual ticket, I don’t like how you are forced to buy a copy of his book. The thing is, they don’t provide a bookless option of viewing the event. I can guarantee you the majority of the people tuning in already have a copy of the book and just want to see the performance. Gosh, I loved my visit to the National Cathedral. It could be my favorite building I ever visited. Well, next to the Baker Hotel.
  • I’m not buying the Bono book because I expect it will be gifted to me. But in the past, when I expected something as a gift, even hinting strongly towards it, I never receive it.
  • I’m guessing residents aren’t happy about this, and it will be the tallest in Texas. I want Austin to be like DC, that the capitol building view is unobstructed. – A supertall skyscraper is coming to Austin, Texas
  • Pepsi wants you to drink soda mixed with milk this holiday season
    • “Combining Pepsi and milk has long been a secret hack among Pepsi fans,” said Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s chief marketing officer, in a statement about the campaign.
  • This will be a must see for me. Language warning.

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