I’m looking forward to blogging again

I’m just not sure exactly when that’s going to happen. But I’ll tell you this, I’ve got one heck of a story to tell. Who knows, I might already have two months of material ready to publish at the touch of a button.

But then again, there are so many cobwebs around this empty bag of nothing there’s no reason to believe anyone has stopped by this place in quite a while.

(Hmmm… Let’s see if I can figure out how to leave the comments on.) Oh, and I’ve lost 52-pounds.

Maybe I’ve done nothing but work on an animal action movie?

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Bag of Joe Biden Inauguration Tweets


Some are paired, with paintings of former president Thomas Jefferson and former treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton hung near each other — the two men frequently disagreed and were placed together to illustrate the benefits that come from differing views. Biden’s office said the paintings were twinned as “hallmarks of how differences of opinion, expressed within the guardrails of the Republic, are essential to democracy.”

Busts of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy flank a fireplace in the office. Biden often refers to the impact both men made on the country as part of the civil rights movement.

Biden is also nodding to segments of the Democratic Party’s base via historical references. Behind the Resolute Desk is a bust of Cesar Chavez. The office also includes busts of Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt and a sculpture depicting a horse and rider by Allan Houser of the Chiricahua Apache tribe that once belonged to the late Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D-Hawaii) — the first Japanese American elected to both houses of Congress.

A painting of Benjamin Franklin is intended to represent Biden’s interest in following science. The painting is stationed near a moon rock set on a bookshelf that is intended to remind Americans of the ambition and accompaniments of earlier generations.

The room also includes paired paintings of former presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and a bust of former senator Daniel Webster, who forcefully defended the Union.

President Donald Trump’s light gold drapes have been replaced with a different, darker shade of gold that hung in President Bill Clinton’s Oval Office. The dark blue rug was also in the office during the Clinton administration and was selected because Biden liked the deep hue of it. The furnishings, including the couches and tables, all came from the White House collection, so they will look familiar to those who watch the room closely.

Gone are the flags of the branches of the military that Trump displayed behind the Resolute Desk. Biden has installed an American flag and another with a presidential seal.

Also removed was the portrait of former president Andrew Jackson that Trump hung in his office. Trump and Jackson both ran as populists, and Jackson was the first president to be directly elected, and he proposed ending the electoral college.

But for many, the decision reinforced allegations of racism emanating from the White House. Jackson kept enslaved people and signed the Indian Removal Act, which led to thousands of Native American deaths as tens of thousands were forced to move to make room for White settlers.

One aspect of the office that hasn’t been touched: The Resolute Desk. Biden is keeping the same desk that Trump and several previous presidents have used.

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, December 23, 2020


It’s been a while. I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m doing so well. Recently, I had some sort of breakdown. I don’t know what qualifies for a legitimate breakdown, but for about three hours, I bawled on and off. It was rather strange, and I’m still bewildered by the entire experience. The moment I thought it was going to be over, it just started again and I couldn’t control it. I wanted to crawl on the floor and lay in the fetal position, but I couldn’t bring myself to change from how I had already positioned myself sitting on the bed, despite it hurting my back. I can’t remember if I ever bawled like this, especially with the constant wailing. I thought back to the death of each of my parents and my friend who was to be the best man at my wedding. I sobbed quite a bit at all of their passings, but at least I felt I was in control of my emotions and body. I had no idea my body could produce that much snot. After it was all over, I felt exhausted and had a terrible headache. The next day I just couldn’t bring myself to work. All I wanted to do was lie down. I didn’t want to sleep, I just wanted time to think and make time fast forward because time is the only for sure thing that helps with healing. I bawled for a long time that day as well, but it wasn’t as intense and drawn out. Right now I just feel hollow and constantly have knots in my stomach. But at the height of it, I seriously contemplated how does one check him or herself into the hospital and go about seeking some professional help. Then, last night, just playing the board game Life with my family, it struck me again. BoyGeeding first noticed it and stated in a calm voice that I looked frustrated and sad. I had to cut the game short and as soon as I walked in the bedroom I broke down again. It was awkward as they kissed me goodnight, both were teary and worried about me, and it’s hard to assure them that everything is going to be okay when you yourself wonder if you’ll ever get out of this funk.

There’s no single event which triggered this. I think it’s a collection of things which relate to my feelings of inadequacy and insecurity which continues to mount. Right now I think I just really need the support and encouragement of my immediate family. I’ve been wanting to make posts to feel some normalcy in my life, but my mind just gets clouded and frustration builds. So, that’s the reason why I haven’t posted in a while and the reason you won’t see any posts in the near future. I still want to keep this thing up and running, so I’ll be back, I’m just not sure when, maybe mid to late January.

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