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One day, I’ll be back in full force and posting consistently. I’m looking forward to that day and appreciate your patience.

A friend mentioned this in a conversation the other day and it just kinda stuck with me, “It’s not about proving them wrong, it’s about proving ME right.”

It’s like a Pixar movie come to life.

Dog ejected from car during Sunday crash found on sheep farm, herding sheep


Old article but the photo is still cool.

Lightning Strikes Plane in a Rainbow in Amazing Viral Image

Just a squirrel eating a steak ontop of a roof.

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Random Bag of Randomness

I’m slowly tipping my toe back into the water, but not sure how often I’ll be blogging. So, that’s why the title of my posts have changed and don’t include the date.

The most annoying feature on YouTube is “Auto Play”. What really grinds my gears is that even though I turn it off, every now and then it’s turned back on. I just want to “set it and forget it.”

Losing the Concorde jets felt like taking a step back from the future, so it’s neat seeing a story like this and feel like we are advancing again. Believe it or not, the Concorde was retired 18-years ago in 2003.

The new Concorde! United announces deal to buy 15 supersonic planes capable of 1,300mph and flying from NYC to London in just 3.5 hours

LiberallyLean recently posted a link to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s website. I visited the site and an icon or graphic caught my interest. It took me to a Facebook page to help identify unidentified deceased children. Yup, talk about a downer.

For you TICKET fans, I really miss BaD Radio. I also find the intro to the Hang Zone annoying.

I give HBO’s Hacks with Jean Smart two thumbs up. It referenced this old video which I totally forgot about. And, I agree, it’s weird that the capitol of NY is Albany and not New York and the capitol of California is Sacramento and not Los Angeles. It’s like someone made a mistake a long time ago and can’t admit it.

I guess I just don’t really understand and appreciate music, but I’m not all that impressed.

Joy Chapman Breaks Guinness World Record Female Lowest Note

Woman Discovers A Secret Attic In A House She Just Bought

You deserve some calm.


7 Misconceptions About the Civil War

I really enjoyed reading misconception six, Abraham Lincoln Was The Keynote Speaker On The Day Of The Gettysburg Address, but there were Civil War battles fought outside of the U.S.

One naval battle is noteworthy because it didn’t take place in the waters of America at all. In June 1864, the North and South came to blows in the waters off Cherbourg, France, in the English Channel. The battle began brewing when the Confederate ship, the CSS Alabama, was docked at Cherbourg Harbor hoping for some repairs. For years, this ship had been wreaking havoc on U.S. vessels, resulting in the plunder of more than 64 ships and causing millions of dollars in damages.

The USS Kearsarge, helmed by John A. Winslow, had been pursuing the Alabama for months, and once Winslow got word from the U.S. minister in Paris that the ship was docked and prone, he moved in for the kill. Upon hearing that the Kearsarge was ready for a battle, Alabama captain Raphael Semmes prepped his ship and met his Union foe nine miles off the coast of Cherbourg. The Alabama was the first to fire—but there was just one problem: The Kearsarge was draped in a thick anchor chain that protected it from enemy artillery.

Soon, the Alabama was taking on water, the white flag was up, and Semmes was all but defeated. Instead of capture, though, Semmes and some of his surviving men were saved by a nearby British ship. In all, around 20 Confederate troops died, compared to just one Union soldier.


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Random Bag of Randomness


I remember my elementary school playground having a tall metal slide that was as shiny as a mirror. I can also remember the one time I slid on it on a hot summer day. Ouch.

In case you ever wondered why we call that piece of furniture an ottoman, they were first introduced into Europe from Turkey in the late 18th century, the heart of the Ottoman Empire. So, hence the name.

If you buy a bigger bed for your bedroom, you will have a bigger bed room but you will lose space in your bedroom.

There ain’t no way you gonna find me swimming in that pool.

The Mystery of the $113 Million DeliIt made headlines around the world: a New Jersey sandwich shop with a soaring stock price. Was it just speculation, or something stranger?

NASA will send two missions to Venus for the first time in over 30 years

I was always impressed with how the Russians were the first to visit Venus and send the world back pictures from the surface of another planet in Hell-like conditions.

Wikipedia – The Venera program established a number of precedents in space exploration, among them being the first human-made devices to enter the atmosphere of another planet (Venera 3 on 1 March 1966), the first to make a soft landing on another planet (Venera 7 on 15 December 1970), the first to return images from another planet’s surface (Venera 9 on 8 June 1975), and the first to perform high-resolution radar mapping scans (Venera 15 on 2 June 1983).

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