Bag of Randomness for Monday, September 21, 2020

It sure was a fun sports weekend for us folks in North Texas. The Stars won the first game in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Cowboys had an unbelievable comeback, and an SMU product won the U.S. Open. Who knows what the Rangers did. It was fun introducing the kids to hockey and watching the game with them.

Speaking of the Cowboys, Dak dressed the part. Maybe he’ll dress like this for all home games for good luck.

I noticed after one of his rushing touchdowns I noticed Dak handed the ball to a lineman to spike, but the lineman declined. I believe Walter Payton used to reward his linemen like that.

I think the Cowboys pants are a shade more blue than they used to be. Actually, more like they used to be, there’s less of that green tint.

The Queen of England is one tough mother, but there’s no way she survives 2020, is there?

I loved seeing David Letterman during the Emmys last night and he almost brought a tear to my eye when he shouted out to Regis that he made sure he made the montage. Heck. I loved the entire telecast. So much of it was unprecedented, from the format to Schitt’s Creek’s domination. But I am surprised some of those celebrities had such slow internet bandwidth.

In regards to the “In Memorium” feature, kudos to the person who came up with the idea to photo impose the actor’s portrait to what show they were best known for.

For fellow P1’s of The TICKET, many of thought we’d never see the day these two would ever be willing to take a picture together.

Dentist Who Pulled Tooth While Riding Hoverboard Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

Tonight is the only acceptable night to crank this song to 11.

Personally, I think if you are a leader of your church you owe it to your congregation not to make this stepping down of responsibilities such a mystery. Sure, he deserves some privacy, but I think he’s leaving them hanging a bit too much.

Founder of Dallas-Fort Worth mega-church Watermark steps back after committing ‘sin’

Todd Wagner, the longtime leader of Watermark Community Church, one of the DFW area’s most popular and sometimes controversial mega-churches, is stepping back from his duties after committing what he described as the sin of pride.

Wagner made the announcement during a service on Sept. 6 at the church’s Dallas headquarters. “Don’t be looking for some scandal,” he said. “Don’t even think this is scandalous. What is scandalous is when a Christian plays with, overlooks or welcomes sin — respectable or not. And I refuse to do that, and my friends love me enough to remind me of that. … Pride kills. And I would call what I’ve heard my friends describing and telling me: pride. That’s the sin.”

He was not specific about what he meant by “pride.” Watermark’s communications staff did not respond to an interview request for Wagner or for an opportunity for the church to elaborate on his decision to step back.

In his sermon, Wagner added he was not asked by others to step back and had not committed a “disqualifying sin.” “There’s no sexual immorality,” he said, “no financial issues that are going on, no physical altercations, there’s no foul language, there’s no holes in the wall.”

The Flight Goes Nowhere. And It’s Sold Out.People who miss flying are rushing to buy tickets for flights that land in the same place they depart from.

Mr. Harif is one of thousands of people in Brunei, Taiwan, Japan and Australia who have started booking flights that start and end in the same place. Some airlines call these “scenic flights”; others are more direct, calling them “flights to nowhere.”

Brett Favre decided to support Tom Brady by wearing him on his shirt and attending his game.


Somewhat satisfying.

There’s a lot I want to say about RBG’s death as well as how Moscow Mitch and President Trump will fill her vacancy. But I can’t find the right words to adequately express myself at this point. So, for now, I’ll just say I’m impressed with that the Scalia children have said regarding her death and the unique friendship their father had with her.

Here they are at the opera and vacationing together with their families in India riding an elephant.


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Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 18, 2020

Every now and then I’ll run into a situation where someone will ask me to do something but I don’t think it falls under my purview. So I’ll decline to do it. In my mind, I’m not trying to be a Bartleby, it’s either someone is trying to take advantage of me or I have to prioritize other things. But one thing which will not convince me to change my mind is when the other person retorts with, “But all you have to do is…” If it’s such a miniscule thing which won’t take much time, then why the heck don’t you do it? Don’t make it where you think it’s an act that is beneath me, but not you.

Ten of the Atlanta Falcons offensive starting lineup are former first-round draft picks. When I first heard this stat on the radio, I thought they were saying all ten of them were former number-one overall picks.

I heard someone make the argument the reason we see so many people wearing Trump hats and waving Trump flags and even going as far as wrap their boat using his name is because never have we had a president bring this level of branding to the White House. I guess I never thought about it that way. I’d also argue we are just in a different era. Compare a high school football or even a little league baseball game and look at how everything is commercialized and marketed.

LiberallyLean’s office is nothing like I had imagined it. I find it funny how I posted a photo of me in my two-bit office last week and then he decides to one-ups me posting a photo of him in his high-tone Mr. One-Percenter office this week.

I recently read that almost all Disney hotel rooms no longer have a clock because they are no longer needed. Everyone uses their mobile phones as an alarm clock, so there’s no need to spend the expense.

California mother files fertility fraud suit, alleging doctor used his own sperm to impregnate her

Texas deputies, including those who killed Javier Ambler, reportedly got steakhouse gift cards for using force

In a recorded interview with Texas Rangers, former Deputy Christopher Pisa said Cmdr. Steve Deaton awarded deputies he considered “WilCo badass.”

“They had the intention that we were all ‘WilCo badass’ and if you went out there and did your job, and you had to use force on somebody and he agreed with it, then you would get a gift card,” Pisa said in an audio recording obtained by the Austin American-Statesman

Apparently, there’s a nacho table trend.

The process involves covering your dining table with tin foil, then pouring tortilla chips all over it. In essence, the table is now the plate.


#voiceeffects thank you tik tok for the nacho table idea bless up #fyp #nachotable

♬ you have to stop supporting trump – hannah_harpist

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, September 17, 2020

I saw a sweet-looking Aston Martin convertible in the grocery parking lot and made a fawning comment about it. DaughterGeeding says, “Hey, you know, Ashley’s neighbor just got a new Ferrari.” Me, “Really? That’s cool, where do the live.” DaughterGeeding replied, “Uh, right next to Ashley,” in a non-sarcastic but blatantly obvious manner.

I made an incorrect statement saying we are in the last quarter of 2020. That won’t happen until October. Sheeesh, this year is dragging on, it will never end.

To my handful of Canadian readers, here’s some of BoyGeeding’s homework he did over your lovely country. Two years ago when I posted DaughterGeeding’s homework about your country, y’all were all upset about how our schools make it look like y’all live at the North Pole. Let me assure you I spoke to BoyGeeding about this and told him that y’all don’t make igloos and don’t live buried in snow, that you have warm temperatures like we do in the spring and summer. I also had him taste some of the maple syrup one of you gifted us three years ago when we met for lunch on election day. I vividly remember us speaking about the election and me saying that he’s got nothing to fear, that Americans wouldn’t be stupid enough to put Trump in office. Welp, that’s what I get for doubting my country. Lesson learned.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank were both born 1929. Betty White was also born in 1929, but seven years older than that duo.

Christine Brennan of USA TODAY got reamed about her article, Opinion: Big Ten’s decision to play football signals darkest day in conference’s rich history  Everyone on Twitter and their dog had to remind her about Jerry Sandusky and the Michigan State doctor who molested members of the USA women’s gymnastics.

If you are a fan of the Dogs Playing Poker painting, you’ll appreciate yesterday’s The Far Side. Perhaps my favorite pop-culture reference to this magnificent piece of art comes from Cheers:

  • In the TV sitcom Cheers, Sam Malone loves the paintings (in particular one of Dogs Playing Blackjack) while his more sophisticated lover, Diane Chambers, hates them. Sam says that he sees something new every time he looks at it.

I need to watch Broadcast News. I hear it still holds up.

Samuel L. Jackson will teach you to swear in 15 languages if you vote

If 2,500 people take action via his HeadCount website to register for the forthcoming US elections, Jackson has promised to teach them to swear in 15 languages. Visitors to the site can click a button that allows them to register online to vote, check their voting status and find out how and where to vote in the US. The voting action is a partnership with campaigning site Global Citizen.

Priorities – University of Georgia to allow football — but not in-person voting — this fall

Joel Osteen is selling prayer clothes “inspiration cubes” – The video on the website is an SNL skit come to life.

I used to be upset at people like Joel Osteen for doing stuff like this, but lately, I’ve become upset at the people dumb enough to purchase one.

Anyone else shocked Jason Sudeikis won’t be doing this? I thought he did an excellent impression of Joe Biden. But Jim Carrey is a master impressionist, so I won’t sell him short.

Lorne Michaels reveals everything about SNL’s 46th season, including the show’s new Biden.

Watch A Train Full Of Cars Get Slowly Can Opener’d Under A Bridge

The end result of this mess is that this train, with cars marked both Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific Railway, sustained more than $2 million worth of damage, most probably not in the cheap corrugated metal train car roofs but rather to the cars inside the train:

This woman is killing it at teaching distance-learning to elementary school students. I think I detect a Wisconsin or Minnesotan accent.

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It just occurred to me we are in the last quarter of 2020. Thank goodness. But how weird is this concerning local and national sports. Our local baseball club will end up in last place, but the National League and American League championship games and World Series will be played locally. However, our hockey franchise has earned the right to play in the Stanley Cup Finals but won’t play a single game here at home.

As much as I feel over-saturated by Trump, I’d probably listen to the entire nine hours of audio between him and Bob Woodward because I enjoy presidential history so much. We have one of the most highly regarded reporters in history, a man who already instrumental in helping bring down one president, getting another president to speak freely with him.

Woodward did share one cute story on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He mentioned the president would call at random hours. One night his wife answered and the person on the other line asked, “Is Bob there?” She asked, “Who is this?” and he simply replied, “Donald Trump.” There was no White House operator connecting him. It’s a bit like Michael Douglas in The American President trying to order flowers. I’ll be honest, I’m a little surprised he didn’t just say “The president” or “President Trump.” But I wouldn’t be surprised the reason a White House operator didn’t connect him, which is recorded in several of his tapes, was that he was calling from his still unsecured mobile phone.

Woot was selling an HP financial calculator yesterday. Who the heck buys one of those? I can somewhat reason that high school students still need the old TI graphing calculator. But university students or professionals would be the only ones using a financial calculator, and I reason they shouldn’t. If you are a finance professional using a financial calculator instead of some special made app or software, I’d question how professional the professional is.

When I was a finance major, our professors told us to buy the HP version, otherwise professionals wouldn’t take you seriously. I was a rebel and bought the TI version, which I still keep in a desk solely for sentimental reasons. In that rare instance when I want to finance a car I’ll bust it out to see if I can still see if I can work out the calculation correctly, which I cross check from readily available free tools embedded on just about any bank website.

I’m not sure if this is photoshopped or not, but I wouldn’t risk charging my car no matter how safe I was told it was.

Rum produced on Isle of Rum for the first timeA group of friends created Askival Rum after discovering the spirit had never been made on the tiny island.

Bankrupt Chuck E. Cheese Parent Wants to Shred 7 Billion Tickets

Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company asked a bankruptcy court to approve settlements to destroy 7 billion paper Prize Tickets that have built up in the company’s supply chain as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

CEC Entertainment Inc.’s vendors now hold “enough tickets to fill approximately 65 forty-foot cargo shipping containers,” according to CEC’s emergency motion filed Monday with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.

It will cost $2.28 million to destroy the tickets, or $1 million less than CEC would have paid if the Prize Tickets were cycled through the entire supply chain, James A. Howell, CEC’s Chief Financial Officer, said in a court filing Monday.

The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke

It took decades, but Chuck Feeney, the former billionaire cofounder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers has finally given all his money away to charity. He has nothing left now—and he couldn’t be happier.

Hey, somebody grab some paper towels, please!

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