Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 5, 2022

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 4, 2022

  • I can easily remember the year my father died, but have the hardest time with the year my mother died. Wow, time flies. She died in 2006, so it’s been about 16 years I’ve been an orphan. Perhaps I need to put that in my dating profile. There will never be in-law drama.
  • One of DaughterGeeding’s teachers emailed all the parents of her grade, but didn’t put the email addresses in the BCC line. Some parents feel the need to Respond All. Those parents are like some coworkers I used to work with, and they annoyed me. There’s no reason why everyone needs to see that you replied “Thank you for the information” or “Sounds great, thanks!” That’s going to cause some parents to think that if they don’t Reply All, they are being disrespectful and now my inbox is going to be full of a bunch of brown-nosing unsubstantive replies.
  • I don’t get what people see in Gordon Ramsay. Granted, I’ve watched none of his shows, but every commercial makes him out to be a rude and loud jerk. Who would want that negativity in their lives?
  • Two of the last three women who have reached out to me on dating apps are working on their PhD. It’s an interesting world out there.
  • No Cellphones Allowed in New Fort Worth RestaurantOwner Tim Love wants to create an atmosphere where diners pay attention to each other
  • Yesterday, Liberally lean wrote the following bullet point, “Did you know there’s a public database of you, your address, and whether you’ve voted in the general election over the years?” I did a search for my first and last name and was amused at the other people who are closely named like me.
  • This Aggie hurdler (Reddit) has a little sass. To see it, watch it in its entirety.
  • ‘Like I won $1 million’: Baytown family stunned their stolen dog ‘Sheba’ was found 5 years later
  • I don’t mean to come across as insensitive or disrespectful regarding how Babe is honoring his late son, but what happens to other cup of coffee? Really, does he drink it, pour it out, give it away? It’s an awesome thing he does, I just really want to know what does he end up doing with the extra cup of coffee?

  • Wrong minnow.

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022

  • Today is my late father’s birthday, he would have been 99. I really could have used his counsel and support over the past year and a half. Even though he’s not alive, I think I might do something special in his honor next year. It could be something simple, like buying a cake for the kids to eat, or me jumping out of a plane.
  • According to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Scooby-Doo’s full first name is Scoobert. According to this Business Insider article, it’s true, but don’t fall for the rumor his last name is Doobert.
  • Did Hell freeze over recently? I’m shocked this happened, much less was successful, in Houston – City of Houston calls first annual gun buyback event a successLines of cars could be seen wrapped around the block at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in southeast Houston where the event was held. Officials collected 845 guns and say they gave out nearly $100,000 in gift cards throughout the event.
  • I wonder how many times former President Trump has changed his will over the past ten years. I’m better it’s in the teens.
  • I’ve got major trust issues. I often look back at my 18-year marriage, which ended in divorce. Sometimes, I have some significant memories that make me smile about something my ex said or did. But, somewhere along the line, she faked the sincerity and really stopped caring. I’m left wondering about compliments she gave me which I held close to my heart (like her saying I have a great way of talking to our children) were genuine, or just a lie to make her life easier. During the divorce, I lost a 27-year friendship with my closest friend. I used to tell others this guy was my most sincere friend, and we would tell each other we never needed to explain ourselves about something we said or did because of the substance we built over the years, and we knew each other’s heart. I always valued his direct criticism. He knew every secret about me. I trusted him more than my wife or my parents. At the start of the divorce, I would reach out to him often for moral support because the loneliness and isolation were killing me. I feared I was reaching out too often, interrupting his life. But when I asked, he said I could never be a bother, and he’s available 24/7. However, one day he emailed stating he wouldn’t have internet access for two weeks. At the end of those two weeks, I tried to contact him to no avail. One day I received an email from him asking me to read it with an open mind. In the blunt and direct letter, he pointed out how frustrating and annoying I was, how he’s been putting up with me for years, I was definitely interrupting his life, and he lied about not having internet access to get away from me. I was hurt, but did what he asked, I read it with an open mind. My counselor and I have been working on everything he addressed after I shared the email with him. I’m not going to say that friend is a backstabber, but I felt backstabed. Like my ex, I wonder about the stuff he did or said that I valued was genuine, and how long I’ve been holding on to a lie. So, last year, I not only mourned the loss of my best friend (my ex) but also my closest friend. These were people I thought I could trust, and their words and actions were sincere. I fell for the false sincerity hook, line, and sinker. Nowadays, I try to guard my heart and always question and wonder if someone is sincerely being nice to me, or are they faking it and I’m falling for it like I did with my best and closest friends. I hope I don’t turn into a cynic and will learn to trust again.
  • Lightning strikes
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Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 1, 2022

  • One of my newest friends has something akin to a bucket list. One the list was kayaking. I’ve always been hesitant to do it because my best friend drowned in a kayak accident one week before my wedding. But, I wanted to support my new friend, continue to do things I normally would not, and conquer a fear. Going into it, I had a really positive mindset. I planned on being careful, wearing a life jacket, had a feeling I was in a less sporty version of a kayak than my late friend, and the water was going to be nowhere near as rapid or choppy as it was where for him. My new friend did very well. Me, not so much. Despite following the instructions provided to me in a quick lesson, I never felt I was making any momentum paddling while my new friend was doing circles around me. I felt like I was Homer Simpson, weighing down a boat so much it became impossible to move. It was great seeing how happy it made my friend, but I grew frustrated and did my best not to ruin the moment for her and turned in about ten minutes early. Embarrassingly, I couldn’t make it back to the starting point. But the young guys running DFWSurf at Grapevine Lake were kind professionals and put any worry or concern I had at ease, and at least didn’t look annoyed that my kayak wasn’t close to the return area. They said it happens all the time.
  • Regarding my new friend, I’m trying to think of anyone I’ve met who is a better listener than her. She’s definitely gifted in that area.
  • One thing my ex didn’t have to go through to the extent I did was provide copies of statements, tax returns, and other fun stuff for like the past seven years. Looking back at it, I wish I would have asked my lawyer why I had to provide those docs since she filed for the divorce and had access to all our accounts and paperwork.
  • My local McDonald’s has two drive-thru lanes to order, and then one line is formed to get to the payment window. Yesterday, I took the dogs with me to grab lunch after church. The car in the lane next to me had a young girl in it with their dog. I called one of my pups over and made my dog wave to her dog. She lit up with a huge smile on her face and excitedly got her mom’s attention. They both grabbed their dog to make him or her wave back. It was a wholesome moment..
  • Group of Republicans and Democrats form new political party to appeal to moderates – I like their intention, something like this is needed. I always thought the Republican party would split in to, perhaps forming a MAGA political party. But, this group wants to be viable in 2024, and it makes me wonder how it’s going to affect the presidential election and what party is going to suffer the consequences of siphoned-off voters.
  • Taking Off a Condom Without Consent Is Rape, Canadian Supreme Court Rules
  • Pa. man hired to babysit facing animal sex charges after allegedly being caught on hidden camera
  • Kentucky Noah’s Ark sues insurance company over damage caused by heavy rains
  • Here’s the future replacement of fireworks shows. This was at Toyota Stadium in Frisco after the FC Dallas game this weekend.

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