Your Bag of Nothing for Monday, July 8, 2024

  • One of the D-Day stories I think about is how the beaches of Normandy were supposed to be bombed. The idea was to make a lot of holes on the beach so the men would have cover from German fire. But not a single bomb hit the beach. The bombers missed their target. It makes me wonder how many lives could have been saved if those men storming the beach had some sort of cover.
  • While I enjoy Max’s House of the Dragon, I find it hard to follow. No matter, last night’s episode had more action than I expected and I was entertained.
  • Abbott announces launch of State of Texas Taiwan Office
    • Gov. Greg Abbott announced Sunday Texas was working toward opening a State of Texas Taiwan Office in an effort to enhance “the economic and cultural cooperation between Texas and Taiwan, promoting more trade, investment, and collaboration between Texas and Taiwan,” per a news release.
  • Student who once loved school has lost hope in Denton ISD after years of bullying
  • This is an interesting way to fight the problem – More citations coming in Northern California after drone reveals illegal fireworks use
    • “We are combing through the reports to the Nail Em app, many of which contain time-and location-stamped photos and videos of violators,” the Woodland Police Department said on social media. “We also have video footage of violators that were taken by our drone team in response to firework complaints. These individuals will soon be receiving their citations in the mail or by personal delivery.”
    • I’ve never heard of the Nail Em app. Here’s a description:
      • “Nail ‘em” places the power of illegal fireworks enforcement in the palm of your hands. Easily report the possession, sale and/or use of the illegal fireworks in your community along with photos and GPS location. Your complaint will automatically be routed to the correct law enforcement and/or fire personnel. Opt in to receive notifications and you will be informed regarding when and how your complaint was acted upon. This “Nail “Em” app is being provided to you and your community free of charge as a public service of TNT Fireworks. Thank you for taking the time to keep your community free from the dangers posed by illegal fireworks.
  • Keep in mind, this is in the UK – McDonald’s rebrands Happy Meal as just ‘The Meal’ for Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Oklahoma, Alabama now has vending machines for bullets in grocery stores</li>
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