Your Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, July 2, 2024

  • I don’t know why, but I remember in Coach Jenning’s literature arts class my junior year in high school, he asked each student what we wanted to be when we grew up. For some stupid reason, I said president of the United States and gave some BS reason why. Everyone was shocked, and two girls talked about how this felt like a moment they’ll never forget because they had this weird feeling it was going to become true and they’ll tell their kids about it. I learned later Coach told the classes he taught about it, and then it kinda went around school. For the longest time, I felt some sort of obligation to live up to that moment. When I took this picture a few weeks ago, I realized this was going to be the closest I ever would be to becoming president, and I’m okay with that. I think. I mean, America will never accept anyone who’s been divorced and all the embarrassing things I’ve put on this blog. No president has ever been elected doing anything this embarrassing in life. I’ve accepted I’ll never recover.
  • At the Clinton Library last month,I learned he was the last paper president. Dubya was the first to go all digital. But for all you trivia folk, Clinton was the first president to send an email while in office.
  • Not to be macabre or anything, but this spot over my right shoulder is where he’ll be buried. Here’s an interesting fact: Hillary has not committed to being buried next to him.
  • This is a random thought, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if Monica Lewinsky dressed as Hillary for Halloween one year and posted the photo to Twitter/X? Monica is a great follow on Twitter, doesn’t shy away from what happened, and is actually pretty humourous when she references it.
  • I got a kick out of the statistic on the number of websites at the start and end of his presidency.
  • When you walk into the JBJ Library, you are overwhelmed by how all his administration’s papers are organized.

    The Clinton Library takes a different approach.
  • When I saw this article yesterday (Conservatives Go to War — Against Each Other — Over School Vouchers) it reminded me that I learned at the Clinton Library his administration takes credit for starting public school choice. I thought it was notable since my kids attend a charter school, which I have mixed feelings about, but I no longer have a say in the matter.
  • The Clinton Library, or the museum part of it, is laid out in a very organized timeline. These binders are everywhere, and you see his schedule for every day he was in office. I looked up a few notable moments in my life, like the day and time of my father’s death. I believe he was in China during the time in a meeting. As I thought more about it, he was president when I was in high school and college. And that made me realize that the president who gets elected this year will be the president for all of my daughter’s high school years. Maybe one day she’ll have the same realization visiting a place like this with her kids.
  • I suppose this is everything I like and can’t stand about college football.

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