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Dallas Cowboys Music Video 1986

I guess the jumped on the music video band wagon after the Bears made that 1985 video.  It is a nice trip down memory lane, but this video is simply awful.  Even Tom Landry gets into the act. Watch the … Continue reading

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Jesus is back?

A man claiming to be the second coming of Jesus Christ is becoming a rich man, thanks to followers and their donations. His name is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, but his followers call him Apostle, Dad or simply Jesus … Continue reading


More Gas Talk

U.S. excited (and suspicious) about gas prices 42% of Americans say Bush administration manipulated gas prices There is no mystery or manipulation behind the recent fall in gasoline prices, analysts say. Try telling that to many U.S. motorists. Almost half … Continue reading


God references quashed; ‘VeggieTales’ creator steamed

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber always had a moral message in their long-running “VeggieTales” series, a collection of animated home videos for children that encourage moral behavior based on Christian principles. But now that the vegetable stars have … Continue reading


Random Thought – Gas Pump Handles

The one thing that makes me feel real icky is touching a gas pump handle.  It’s probably one of the most handled things in the modern world, and there is no telling who has touched it.  The rubber handle feels … Continue reading


You never know unless you try

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A plucky Australian schoolboy who asked a former Miss Universe to his school dance, only to be rebuffed, has finally had his dream date over lunch. Daniel Dibley, 17, needed a partner for the school dance in … Continue reading

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An inside joke

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Two Different Newsweek Covers

Covers for Europe, Asia, Latin America   US Cover   Link

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