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More Lost stuff to keep you interested

Watch the video here.

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An Island Is Born

Off the coast of Iceland on the morning of 14 November 1963, the crew of a lone fishing trawler spotted an alarming sight. Off to the southwest of the Ísleifur II, a column of dark smoke was rising from the … Continue reading

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The Premiere Full-Service Relationship Separation Service

iBreakUp.net What is this site designed to do?   This site was designed to allow people who meet online or offline the opportunity to makeup or breakup their relationship online!  

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The stingray is now my sworn enemy for life.


John 3:16

I read the Wikipedia entry on John 3:16 and wasn’t aware of the following: “John 3:16” is very short and can be written inconspicuously in out-of-the-way locations. For example, the U.S.-based In-N-Out Burger chain prints it on the inside of … Continue reading


McDonald’s Menu Song

My friend Jimi can still recite this song.  It was funny when we were in jr high and he would go to the into a McDonald’s and pull this trick off. No wonder why he gets all the chicks.


OU Football #38

I’m not a fan of Oklahoma football, but thought this was a nice gesture. They are retiring number 38 this season to honor the 50th anniversary of the debut of the school’s first black player, Prentice Gautt.  Along with that, … Continue reading

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The Japanese version of Ronald McDonald

Watch the commercial here.

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