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M&M’s Dark Chocolate Presents . . .

50 Dark Movies, Hidden in a Painting. Guess which movie each visual clue represents.


Oprah learns to pump gas again

The last time she pumped gas, 1983. Watch the video here.

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Marathon Bible Reading

A team of people will read the whole of the New International version of The Bible aloud from Genesis through to Revelation to raise some much-needed sponsorship money for the church. Article

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Just another test


What to do while on trial for computer theft

NOVATO, Calif. – A man was convicted of various theft charges, after prosecutors say he stole computers from the courthouse while he was on trial for computer theft. “It just amazed me that someone could be in the middle of … Continue reading

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Good idea at the time?

A plan in the early 1970s to create a massive artificial reef off Fort Lauderdale has turned into an environmental mess with the U.S. Navy, Broward County and others trying to figure out how to remove about two million tires … Continue reading

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Children’s letters to God


Biblical Curse Generator

Lost for a smart remark to see off your enemies? Unable to deliver that killer insult? Put an end to “I was speechless!” misery with the amazing Biblical Curse Generator, which is pre-loaded with blistering put-downs as delivered by Elijah, … Continue reading

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