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For Sale: 2-story split level house with a 4 story below ground ‘subterranean fortress’

It reminds me of the Brendan Fraser movie Blast from the Past. Here’s the link, but here are some high-lights from the website: What is really amazing is what sits below ground. Under the 1900 sq ft house is a … Continue reading


American Piety in the 21st Centrury Study

I’m not sure why I found this article (pdf) on American Piety in the 21st Centrury from Baylor University interesting, but I thought I would provide a link and let you judge for yourself. Here are some snippits:

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Soap Tape

Our Handy single use dissolving soap now in a dispenser, (which can be wall mounted) simply tear off a 3 to 4cm strip, wash your hands under running water and watch the vegetable based soap dissolve leaving your hands clean … Continue reading

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Another Rocky Comeback

After months of debate, the commission finally voted in favor of returning an eight-and-a-half-foot statue of the Italian Stallion to the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, though not atop the steps the big-screen boxer–and thousands of inspired tourists–so … Continue reading

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Russian Multiplication Using Your Fingers

Try it here.

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Knitted Leia Hat Instructions


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Why isn’t Bill Murray endorsing this? The Rodenator Proâ„¢ uses a controlled mixture of propane and oxygen that is injected into the rodents burrow. A built-in, self contained ignition system then ignites the mixture, creating an underground shockwave or concussion … Continue reading


Turtle Kissing

She trained her pet turtle to kiss and come when called. Video

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