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Upcoming Season Premieres by Date

Link A few key dates for me: The Office Thursday 9/21 @ 8:30 ET Lost Wednesday 10/4 @ 9:00 ET Survivor Thursday 9/14 @ 8:00 ET

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Need a sound?

Try this place. Man, that’s a lot of sounds.

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Jesus Tattoos

If you like tattoos of Jesus, then I have a site for you. Link

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Are you the hottest mom in America?

Your chance to prove starts here.

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Wanna play Simon?

Play it here.

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Do you want to be liked?

Click the red button. Link

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End of the Internet

It’s right here.

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Croc Observation

When I heard the Crocodile Hunter died, I decided to check out his website.  I found a white page with a statement regarding his death.  When I visited it yesterday and today, I find it is no longer functioning. http://www.crocodilehunter.com/ … Continue reading

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