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Six Flags offers line-skipping pass to roach-eaters

Some people will do anything for money. But what would you do for a free pass on a roller coaster ride? If you’re willing to eat a giant creepy, crawling cockroach, Six Flags Great America has a deal for you. … Continue reading

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Flora Bush – The Third Bush Twin

Flora Bush, the third Bush ‘twin,’ is the daughter the President doesn’t want anyone to know about. In her own words: On November 25th, 1981, George W. Bush became the loving father of twins. Unfortunately, Mom gave birth to triplets. … Continue reading

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White and Nerdy

This Weird Al video cracks me up. It’s a take off the song Ridin’ Dirty.


MomGeeding Update

I’m extremely thankful for all the email I have received concerning MomGeeding.  Read on for an update if you are interested.

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Fantasy Football Standings

I’m stinking it up! My team is Tuna’s Kids, and definately needs some improvement.  And I don’t know who CowboysHomer is, but he sure did show up to play.  

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TV Poll Results

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Texas gubernatorial election, 2006 random thought

So far all the commercials for the Texas gubernatorial election have been fairly positive regarding each candidate.  I can’t recall seeing any real dirt being thrown.  It appears Governor Good Hair, One Tough Grandma, Kinky Friedman, and Chris Bell know how to … Continue reading

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Stormtrooper Armour

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