Six Flags offers line-skipping pass to roach-eaters

ROACH10.jpgSome people will do anything for money. But what would you do for a free pass on a roller coaster ride? If you’re willing to eat a giant creepy, crawling cockroach, Six Flags Great America has a deal for you.

The park is getting ready for their annual pre-Halloween Fright Fest. And they have this new attraction they hope will bring more visitors, but the new attraction has also gotten the attention of the local health department.

The rides at Six Flags Great America attract thrill seekers. Soon there will be another park attraction. Madagascar roaches. They are about 3 inches long and look a bit different than the cockroaches we are used to seeing in the United States. But starting October 13, visitors can skip to the front of the line if they eat a live roach.


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