Since some of you have asked

Mom update

After six days in the hospital and receiving her first round of chemotherapy, she got back home on Tuesday.  Friday night she started to cough up blood and is now back in the hopsital.  This time it’s pneumonia.  To say she is emotional is an understatement.  She’s so emotional she’s starting to take things out on me and my sister verbally.  She’s even stated she hopes she never sees my face again when/if she goes back to Vietnam. 

I’m so emotionally unstable I have no idea what to pray.  Most of the time I just ask the Holy Spirit to interpret my feelings since I’m at a lost for words. 

This is how I feel my life has been going for the past month.

I get kicked between the legs, then I get up and get kick there again.  As I attempt to stand and about to catch a breath of air a cannon ball is shot into said region.  As I lay on the ground unable to move I finally see dogGeeding and a little hope.  But hope is turned into a dog peeing on my face.

I have no idea how Job did it.

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