September 11, 2001: What We Saw

5 years ago today, we watched and filmed the attack on the WTC out of the window of our home, 36 floors up and 500 yards away from the North Tower.  Releasing this tape was a difficult decision for us because of its emotional and personal nature, and the potential for misuse.  We feel however, that our unique perspective has an important historical value, and shows the horror of the day without soundtracks or hype often seen in other accounts.  Please be respectful of this account and be aware some may find the scenes on this video very disturbing.


The video is a bit long, so it may take a bit to download, and feel free to fast foward from here to there, but the audio is also quite fascinating and humbling.  It certainly shows a perspective and footage never seen.


Here’s the YouTube link if that above link doesn’t work.

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4 Responses to September 11, 2001: What We Saw

  1. TC says:

    Wow, simply wow.

  2. LittlePastor says:

    Guess the site is down. Can’t get the link to work.

  3. Doug says:

    The video’s I find most moving are the ones without the production value. Just plain people and honest emotions. Thanks Keith.

  4. Trinity13 says:

    Thanks for posting this.

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