Paramount Theater – Abilene

I went to college in Abilene, TX.  It’s not something I’m proud of, but I will freely admit it.  OK, I’m not so happy about the school I attended, but the town was actually very pleasant and I met some fantastic people.

One of the best things about Abilene is the Paramount Theatre.  It was one of those old theaters that was restored and was a great date place.  And man oh man, did I have a lot of dates, I think maybe two my whole time in college.  Maybe if I was a Bible major, I could have scored more dates.  Actually, only a hand full of BON readers would actually get that joke.  The theater only showed old movies and was a great place during Halloween because of its tradition of showing The Changling.

Anywho, I always wanted to show wifeGeeding the theater, but never had the chance.  It truely is very charming, and during the movie you can look up to the ceiling and see clouds move by (I know that sounds like a joke), and that was done with technology used in the 30’s.  I would say the clould animation would be similar to the Disney Haunted Mansion effect, it really is neat.  There’s a video of is here, but you really can’t see the clouds very well.

What made me think of all this?  Well, I found a website called CinemaTour, and here’s their mission:

The mission of CinemaTour is to thoroughly research and document the locations and histories of cinemas throughout the world. This information will be shared via the internet as an educational resource for anyone interested in what makes going to the movies special.

And here is the link for the Paramount Theater in Abilene. 

Sorry for taking you on this trip down memory lane.

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3 Responses to Paramount Theater – Abilene

  1. Doug says:

    Cool. I had a friend in college who was from Weatherford Texas. Her family owned and ran the drive in movie theatre there. The coolest part was the theatre was their home as well. They lived in the five story screen. The entire house, with the exception of the bottom floor was one room wide. The house was decorated with what? You guessed it. Old movie posters from shows they had ran in years past.

  2. MToots says:

    I’m curious about why you are not proud of the school from which you graduated?

  3. Bronson says:

    Oh the paramount, that was an awesome place. You took more dates than I did Geeding. Everytime I went, you and Devon were there. Oh and I didn’t forget your one seat space rule either.

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