Nothing like the ‘Hot for Teacher’ VH video

BEIJING, China (Reuters) — A Chinese culture ministry official has denounced a university professor who stripped naked in front of students and teachers during an art class, a Chinese newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Mo Xiaoxin, a 56-year-old assistant professor at a university in Changzhou, in eastern Jiangsu province, shocked students by stripping during a lecture on “body art” to emphasize the “power” of the body and to “challenge taboos,” the Beijing News said.

Mo arranged for four other models, including a man and woman in their 70s or 80s, and a younger couple, to strip naked in front of the class while he lectured, the paper said.

During the nearly hour-long class, Mo also invited students to take their clothes off.


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One Response to Nothing like the ‘Hot for Teacher’ VH video

  1. littlepastor says:

    I'm glad my college professors didn't do this. I'd be permanently scared if my 400lb Humanities professors followed suit…

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