Fox Sports’ joke on fan just plain mean

238713190400.jpegThe Carolina Panthers’ most famous fan just got run over by Fox Sports.

The good man’s name is actually Greg Good. But if you know him at all, you know him as “Catman.” He sits in a front-row end zone seat at every Panthers home game wearing an electric blue wig and a black-and-blue cape.

With just under two minutes to go in the Panthers-Miami Dolphins exhibition, Good was under the impression Fox Sports was about to give him a new car. The network’s announcing team had promoted the free car giveaway on air at the end of the third quarter.

Instead, sideline reporter Tony Siragusa handed Good a toy car.

Good, believing the toy was a symbol for the real thing, said on-camera to Siragusa: “Thank you! Thank you very, very, very much — it’s a blessing and a prayer answered!”

Siragusa walked away shortly after the interview, leaving Good bewildered and upset.

“I thought I had won a real car,” Good said.


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  1. Trinity13 says:

    Wow, that’s really really rude!!!

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