Faithful Democrats


We are an online community of Christian Democrats – religious leaders, political leaders, writers, and regular Americans who are committed to the Gospel and the common good. We discuss, we debate, we take action. And we will make our voices heard in the 2006 election season and beyond.

We don’t believe that good Christians have to be Democrats. Nor do we believe that one religion has a monopoly on faith. But we make no apologies for rooting our identity as Democrats in our faith as Christians. That is who we are. And we are eager to act on our beliefs to make the country we love a more just and compassionate place.

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13 Responses to Faithful Democrats

  1. Cajun Pastor says:

    Wow! Who's throwing whom under the bus? I post a little question about the text that is written and you guys barbeque me? Now that's sad!

    Sorry, Keith, but I assumed that since you were a Democrat who is also a Christian that you might be a Faithful Democrat. I guess I was wrong to make that assumption. Sorry for that. I guess I can't ask questions on this site without being labeled as the "sad pastor" who throws people under the bus and thinks that heaven is reserved for white Republicans. Those pesky assumptions seem to be running rampant on your site today.

    Just for the record, I'm fine with you being a Democrat, but I'm not of the opinion, as the Faithful Democrats are, that we can't claim to have a monopoly on the belief that true faith is faith in Christ alone. I'm also not so sure that I'm a Republican or a Democrat. I'm more of an independant, but I do have big problems with the Democratic parties views on abortion, as do I have problems with the Republican parties views on oil and the almighty dollar. But don't worry about what I really believe, just throw out some judgements based on a couple of questions. I'll be sure to never post a question on here again.

  2. Cajun Pastor says:

    So, Keith, you believe there are other religions that have true faith? If it is by faith in Jesus Christ alone that we are saved (Ephesians 2:8-9), how can someone who doesn’t have faith in Jesus Christ be saved? If we don’t have a monopoly on faith, what do we have?

    Also, what is the officail abortion stance of Faithful Democrats?

  3. Geeding says:

    Just because I post a link with a synopsis doesn’t mean it’s something I support or believe in. I post either for entertainment, a little perspective, or hopefully to make people think a little. Every now and then I may throw in my own thoughts, and when I do they are in regular font. In this case, everything is in italics, which indicates I took it straight from their website.

    I can’t answer for an organization I’m not a member of.

  4. no name says:

    sounds like the cajun pastor is a little quick to judge. how sad.

  5. anon says:

    i can’t believe that someone that goes by pastor was so quick to throw you under the bus. i understood that this was just a post, and not something you may actually support or subscribe to, even though you are a christian and have liberal thoughts

  6. larry says:

    doesn’t anyone get it??? only republicans go to heaven! i cant’ wait to live in the big white house in the sky

  7. janet1310 says:

    maybe the term religion means denominations of the christian faith?

  8. anakin says:

    only the sith lives in absolutes! ;-0

  9. billw says:

    what’s the republicans stance to killing innocent lives for oil?

  10. LittlePastor says:

    Can I throw Geeding under the bus? Sounds fun!

  11. no name says:

    what i dont understand is why must people who post on this site with the title pastor in his or her name always seem to attack geeding (he’s our leader for timewasting btw), then overly defend what he or she had to say, then make some bold statement about never commenting again as if they are going to take their ball and go home. sometimes people are overly sensitiv

    i’m sure most statements are meant with good intentions, and these pastor people who post have good hearts, but i have to admit when i first read cajun’s questions and comments he seemed kinda brash and judgementle.

    the little pastor is very similar to this as well.

  12. janet1310 says:

    I think I don’t agree with what the CajunPastor has to say in his reply.

    This was his reply, ” I post a little question about the text that is written and you guys barbeque me?”

    It didn’t seem as if he was posting a little question. If anything, it sounded as if he was sounding off on Baggy. For example, “So, Keith, you believe . . .” If anything, it sounded like he was bbq’ing Baggy. Sometimes using the word “so” can make someone sound as if he is talking down to someone. then that last comment in the orginal post just sounded like a shot at him.

    just a thought, i’m sure i’m next to be bbq’d

  13. Geeding says:

    Here I thought my little BON was lacking solid material today, then I find all these comments on this post during my lunch break. Wow.

    A few thoughts:

    Tone and intention are hard to understand in the written text, so we all need to be a little careful on how things are worded so things don’t get miscontrued.

    – The Cajun Pastor is a good man with a good heart. I know him personally, so I didn’t think he was trying to attack me; I think he just wanted some clarification on why I am a member of this group called Faithful Democrats. For the record, I am NOT a member of this group. I just found the site interesting and posted the link. However, I can certainly see how some folks can look at his original post and think he was being harsh. But as I stated, I know that was not his intention.

    – It’s nice to know I have some readers that ‘have my back.’ Mucho gras.

    – The LittlePastor is also good guy, but he likes to be goofy and joke around. I know sometimes his comments can seem a bit abbrassive, but he doesn’t mean any ill will. He’s just trying to add some humor.

    – Be nice.

    I’m going to turn comments off on this post just to avoid any misinterpretation or hurt feelings. Let’s move on.

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