Enzyte is busted by the Feds

man.jpegThere is really only one reason why I am so happy they got busted.

I can remember visiting the in-laws and watching SportsCenter on ESPN.  Nice, safe, family friendly viewing . . . until the the Enzyte Smiling Bob commercials come on. 

That’s right, I’m watching SportsCenter all by myself, then the commercial comes on, then the in-laws walk in.  I can only imagine what they were thing.  Awkward I tell ya, awkward.


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One Response to Enzyte is busted by the Feds

  1. MToots says:

    Trust me! The in-laws were not impressed…..negatively or positively. I guess “they” were not paying attention, or……have grown accustomed to poor taste on the tube. No need to be concerned about your image….you are OK.

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