Create Your Own Radio Station With Pandora

I’m addicted, and I have BON reader Doug and his lab to thank for this. is a place where you basically create your own radio station via Internet streaming, here’s how:

You type in an artist that you like, and then it plays a song from that artist.  You then vote thumbs up or thumbs down on that song.  Based upon how you voted on that song, another song is played.  You keep voting, and Pandora starts to customize your music based upon how you voted, and it’s all FREE with nothing to download. 

If you are listening to a song and don’t like it, you can choose to skip it.  However, because of their music licenses you can only choose to skip so many per hour, I think maybe three.


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3 Responses to Create Your Own Radio Station With Pandora

  1. littlepastor says:

    Great Internet Tool! I’ve used it for months.

  2. MToots says:

    This is great!!! I appreciate it!

  3. stephanie says:

    wow, this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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