An up date on Mom

I’m thankful for those of you who have contacted me regarding my mother.  Rather than emailing everyone back, I just thought I would make a post about her condition.

Since Aug 29, Mom has been in the hospital with the exception of three days. So far she’s been through chemotherapy as well as some other procedures. Recently she’s been coughing up blood, which is a combination of the spreading of her lupus and pneumonia; and her kidneys are to the point where we may be starting dialysis in a few days.

Within the last 48 hours, she has developed a serious staph infection. Most likely due to her weakened immune system caused by the lupus and chemo. Yesterday was the absolutely worst I have ever seen her. She wanted me to be with her yesterday afternoon because she was scared and she really thought it was her time to go. 

As of right now, she’s still in pretty bad condition, but I think she has slightly improved.

As far as her emotional status and our relationship, it just really depends.  Sometimes she can be absolutely mean, and other times very loving.  Not sure if it’s the drugs or the stress, but probably a combination of both.

Personally, I wanted to start a really bad habit last week to get me through the pain.  Nothing too hard, like maybe drinking or smoking, but decided to just stick with the over-eating.  I guess all I can say is that I’m just trying to stick through this ordeal, open up my heart and learn from it.  I will tell you I’m extremely thankful for the thoughts and warm wishes that have been sent to me, especially the prayers.

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