Snack Attack: Frito-Lay vs. Crackerjack

What’s in a name? Take “crackerjack.” The word has been a compliment, the nickname for a navy uniform, a snack, even a model of bicycle helmet. And now it’s setting a local athlete against one of the world’s biggest food companies.

On one side is Colleen Bell, who competes in Austin’s Texas Rollergirls flat-track Roller Derby league under the skate name Crackerjack. On the other is Frito-Lay North America Inc., the Plano-based subsidiary of PepsiCo that produces the snack Cracker Jack. Frito-Lay claims that “Crackerjack” is too much like “Cracker Jack.” But Bell argues there are big differences between the two, and it’s not just that her tattoos are permanent.

Full Austin Chronicle Article

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