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Georgba McIntire

Check out the last line from this SI article: Click to enlarge It reminds me of that old bit Conan use to do called “If They Mated” or something like that.

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Southwest debuts no-hold program

Callers to Southwest Airlines Co.’s customer service locations will no longer face lengthy hold times. The Dallas airline has implemented software from Akron, Ohio-based Virtual Hold Technology LLC that lets callers hang up, keep their place in line and get … Continue reading

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Interesting Leno Fact

He’s done 3,775 episodes, about 750 fewer than Carson, but in 13 fewer years. Source

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Cat With Wings

Animal experts have been left baffled by the fluffy white moggy, who was born normal – but began growing wing-shaped appendages on either side of his spine when he was just a year old. Some experts believe the bony ‘wings’ … Continue reading

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Coffee Filter Prom Dress

I like this trend of high schoolers being creative with their prom outfits as opposed to spending an insane amount of cash on a dress that will only be worn once for about five hours. Who would have thought coffee … Continue reading

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Only in Kentucky

And they even offer a coupon: www.openrangesports.com

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PS22 and Stevie Nicks

Just got word from Stevie Nicks tour manager that she was completely blown away by the PS22 Chorus rendition of her song “Landslide!” He said she asked him to replay 2 times afterwards, crying each time she watched! Talk about … Continue reading

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80’s Sax Solos

Someone took the time to actually rank the sax solos of the 80’s. I realized about 5 years ago that at some point in the 80s, lots of the popular music started incorporating saxophone solos into their songs. Some of … Continue reading

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