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1976 View From the Crown of the Statue of Liberty

I was browsing around Flickr and came across Gregory Melle’s Flickr set. Take into consideration that the crown has been closed since 9/11 and the towers are no longer standing, I found the photo quite moving.

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Haircut Sunday

It was time for OtherDogGeeding’s summer cut . . . Before Midway After Larger pics here.

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Lion Love

The sight of a male lion rearing onto its back legs would leave most people quaking with fear. But a kiss and cuddle with the friendly beast is all part of a day’s work for animal lover Ana Julia Torres. … Continue reading

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Death Star Destroys Enterprise

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Top 10 Names for 2008

Top 10 Names for 2008 Rank Male name Female name 1 Jacob Emma 2 Michael Isabella 3 Ethan Emily 4 Joshua Madison 5 Daniel Ava 6 Alexander Olivia 7 Anthony Sophia 8 William Abigail 9 Christopher Elizabeth 10 Matthew Chloe … Continue reading

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The Cone of Silence

In Get Smart, the 1960s TV spy comedy, secret agents wanting a private conversation would deploy the “cone of silence”, a clear plastic contraption lowered over the agents’ heads. It never worked – they couldn’t hear each other, while eavesdroppers … Continue reading

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God and Star Trek

In giddy anticipation for the new “Star Trek” movie, here are 10 examples of how God’s prime directives have found their way into the “Star Trek” franchise. Beliefnet.com

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Kitty Wash

Dedicated to Jonathan . . .

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