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New Blog Post

It’s not quite a Bag of Randomness, but I have a new post on the Southwest Airlines blog, Nuts About Southwest. In case you are keeping count, it’s my third post on their blog.

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Ezekiel 23:20

It turns out if BibleGateway.com (an online Bible) detects a lot of activity towards a certain verse and translation, then it will cease to display the Bible verse. Click to enlarge: But here is the NIV translation of the verse: … Continue reading

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Whole Chicken in a Can

Tracy from I Hate My Message Board is a very, very brave woman. You see, not only did she purchase one of Sweet Sue’s Canned Whole Chickens, but she actually cooked it… and ate some of it. And luckily for … Continue reading

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Accidental Donation

Just as it was set to go to trial Thursday, Paso Robles animal sanctuary group Zoo to You reached an out-of-court settlement in a lawsuit over a large debt owed to a donor for more than seven years. North County … Continue reading

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Frozen Baby Wooly Mammoth

A near-perfect frozen mammoth resurfaces after 40,000 years, bearing clues to a great vanished species. Article I didn’t spend much time reading the article, but I was really impressed with the pictures in this photo gallery.

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Collision at Home Plate

I think the funniest part is right after the collision where someone says, “That happened yesterday, too.” And that poor catcher, he didn’t know what to do or who to help first.

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Spiritual But Not Religious

“Spiritual But Not Religious” describes a new worldview that is inclusive and open as opposed to separatist and closed. SBNR people desire a deep experience of life, including the mysteries of life, without the limitations and baggage of doctrine and … Continue reading

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Prevents your zipper from accidentally coming open. No more embarrassing exposure! Link

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