Random Lost Thoughts

  • Lots of crazy weather last night, which caused the picture to go out several times, so I didn’t catch the entire episode, but most of it.
  • The evening started off with Obama and his 100 days, and then the 100th episode of Lost.  Now there’s just two episodes left for this season.  It will be interesting to see what kind of cliff-hanger they leave us.  Maybe it will have something to do with hydrogen bomb, if it goes off or not, of who sets it off.  Or maybe it will relate to time travel again, like who changed time, or if they made it back to the future.
  • So Penny and Desmond both survived.
  • Desmond, ”I promised you, Penny…I promised you I’d never leave you again.” Famous last words?
  • Maybe Desmond is one of those that the Island won’t let die?
  • Widmore being Daniel’s daddy didn’t surprise me, but then again, I’ve been watching this show long enough now that I don’t think anything can surprise. But then again again, perhaps Widmore isn’t his biological son, but he just thinks of him as a son.
  • It must be an interesting feeling rearing a child knowing that you will only end up shooting it.
  • Daniel was shot in 1977, so I guess this means she actually had Daniel sometime after shooting the adult Daniel . . . unless he’s already born and just not with his mum.
  • A lot of Daniel’s actions seemed a bit contrived, don’t you think?  Just the way he waved that gun so that the Black Suited Dharma boys would see it and start a fight, and the way he just roamed into the Other’s or Hostiles’ camp.  It’s like he wanted to get shot.
  • Did you notice the Wired magazine on the couch when Widmore vistied Daniel?  This particular issue, per the front cover, is the super powers issue that covers the end of cancer, x-ray vison, invisibility, and . . . . time travel.
  • I’m streching here, but the cancer article starts on page 108 (4+8+15+16+23+42=108).
  • And another interesting connection, JJ Abrams (the co-creater and executive producer of Lost) is a guest editor for the current issue of the magazine.
  • I liked it when Daniel outed Miles as Chang’s child.  Maybe it will spur them on to future conversations?
  • Juliet really didn’t like Sawyer calling Kate “Freckles.”  I am curious how they are going to get out of this jam.
  • Fonzie times . . . lol.
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