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No Line on the Horizon Word Cloud

I decided to put all the lyrics on the new album in a word cloud application and got the following: For a much larger version, click here.

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One Heck of a Petting Zoo

More pics here.

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Pastor in a Box

A bit of local church news . . . Calvary Church has a simple mission statement: REACH. We reach up [loving God], reach in [serving each other], and reach out [changing the world]. For the month of April we are … Continue reading

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Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

A small but growing number of cash-strapped communities are printing their own money. Borrowing from a Depression-era idea, they are aiming to help consumers make ends meet and support struggling local businesses. The systems generally work like this: Businesses and … Continue reading

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Caught My Attention

While I was driving through Stephenville this past weekend . . .

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Show-Off Goaltender

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I’m not impress with the new Cobra Commander


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Jesus and Mary here and there

You’ll even see our local news . . .

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