Pastor in a Box

pastor in a box logoA bit of local church news . . .

Calvary Church has a simple mission statement: REACH. We reach up [loving God], reach in [serving each other], and reach out [changing the world]. For the month of April we are calling on the Calvary Church family to reach out like never before!

Executive Pastor, Ben Dailey, is raising the bar. To show his passion for ‘the reach’ he has made a commitment [it might just be his craziest yet.]

This might be cheesy, but what can I say? I am passionate about the church getting out and being the church, not just within our walls, but outside of them as well. It’s time for the church to get out of the box and let our world know that we serve a great God and have fun doing it.

If Calvary Church breaks the 4,000 attendance barrier Sunday, April 12th and Sunday, April 19th Ben will sacrifice all the comforts of common daily life, make his way to the roof of Calvary Church, overlooking Highway 161, and reside in a ‘roomy’ 6x6x6 foot plexi-gass box for three days and nights. He will enter the box on April 26th at 7:00pm and exit the box April 29th at 7:00pm.

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