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One Weird Meow

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What It Costs

What It Costs is an online leader in providing information on the costs associated with a wide variety of services and concepts. Whether you want to know the price range of practical activities — such as removing a tree stump … Continue reading

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Soul Wow

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I Ate My Baby’s Placenta!

The practice of placentophagia, eating the placenta, is practiced in many parts of the world, and is said to stem postpartum depression and help to contract the uterus after the birth. After Chrissy Schilling had her first baby over the … Continue reading

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Jesus and Others for Sale

The Hollywood Wax Museum is auctioning off a large part of its collection.  Jesus and the 12 Disciples at the Last Supper is expecting to go around $8,000 – $10,000; and Jesus on the cross is expected to fetch around … Continue reading

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A Fetching Cat

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Whistling Puppy

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Bag of Randomness

What a great weekend, and I think I can sum it up with one word – solitude.  WifeGeeding left for a while and visited her family in east Texas, which left me alone to work on some projects.   It’s … Continue reading

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