Christ seen in Irvine living room?

Judith Ellen and Judith Lynn “Judy” Lanier, mother and daughter, have handed out hundreds of photographs of a plum-colored armchair in their Irvine living room. On the backrest, they perceive something holy, something they can’t keep to themselves: the face of an open-eyed, resurrected Jesus Christ.

“Everybody has a purpose,” said the elder Judith, 79, “and I truly believe this has been the purpose for our lives.”

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OK, I don’t see Jesus in the chair, but when I was viewing the slideshow section of this article, I was just struck by the picture of her dog.



Judith Lynn Lanier, 54, holds a photo of their dog Trinity who died in 2006. Judith and her mother, also named Judith claim the days after Trinity died the footprints of Jesus appeared in the rug where Trinity used to lay.

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