NFL won’t let church show game

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The NFL has nixed a church’s plans to use a wall projector to show the Colts-Bears Super Bowl game, saying it would violate copyright laws.

NFL officials spotted a promotion of Fall Creek Baptist Church’s “Super Bowl Bash” on the church Web site last week and overnighted a letter to the pastor demanding the party be canceled, the church said.

Initially, the league objected to the church’s plan to charge a fee to attend and that the church used the license-protected words “Super Bowl” in its promotions.

Pastor John D. Newland said he told the NFL his church would not charge anyone and that it would drop the use of the forbidden words.

But the NFL objected to the church’s plans to use a projector to show the game, saying the law limits it to one TV no bigger than 55 inches.

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8 Responses to NFL won’t let church show game

  1. Darren Wilhite says:

    The church should sue them for copyright infringement

    of any Hail Marys during the game. And strickly prohibit

    the thanking of "God" during the postgame wrap-ups!

    That should teach them! They can go to NFHell..

  2. trich says:

    IMHO, that is simply ridiculous!

  3. Nathan says:

    I think a lot of churches could be in trouble on this one.

  4. littlepastor says:

    I agree with Nathan. About every church I know of could be in trouble.

    I’ve personally done football events with over 15 big screen TV’s spread out in a GYM, all showing the game. We didn’t sell tickets, but we sold food.

  5. comment4U says:

    Pathetic. All in the name of commerce….boo.

  6. Doug says:

    NFL must mean Not For Laymen. 🙂

  7. Jeff says:

    Absolutely unbelievable. There are no words to describe how absurd this is.

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