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Fox News’ Attempt At Humor

Looks like the Daily Show with Jon Stewart has some competition, but trust me, it ain’t much. The Half Hour News Hour, which sounds very similar to the old MTV show called The Half Hour Comedy Hour, is their version … Continue reading


Convert AA to D size battery

Buy one here.

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I would like to thank WifeGeeding

For my Valentine’s Day present.  It is probably in the top 5 of gifts she has given to me, on second thought, it’s definately in the top 3.  OK, perhaps the best other than giving me her heart. She also … Continue reading


Fun With Chris Hansen – Dateline NBC

Sound bytes from Dateline NBC’s TO CATCH A PREDATOR series.  And because I have the maturity of a 12 year old, I hat to listen to them all. Link (Thanks, Bone)

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Drive-In Theater

I hope the audience at least got a free movie pass after this event. Article   (Thanks, NYC Focus)

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Make Your Own Candy Heart

ACME Heart Maker

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I Think I Can Watch Japanese TV For Hours

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Tempting Pics of the Day

Many of our readers know that in the middle of Moscow, right on the Red Square, next to the Kremlin there is a Lenin’s tomb, called “mausoleum”. There, inside, mummy of Lenin lies. Really, not only Egyptians made mummies but … Continue reading