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Is God Dropping The Geedings A Hint?

Today we re-booked our Vietnam trip for a couple hundred dollars more and on a lesser airline (United is no Korean Air from what I hear).  But this didn’t happen without incident . . . As we were booking our … Continue reading


For The Doctor Or Nurse In Your Life

iPod Stethoscope Recording Package

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Current Poll Results – Bear vs Colt

And thanks for Bone for this link:


Red Lettered Tony Campolo and the Religous Right

Who is Tony Campolo? EDMONTON – Tony Campolo is a very busy man. A Baptist minister and bestselling author, Campolo makes more than 300 personal appearances a year. Christianity Today calls the 71-year-old American one of the most influential preachers … Continue reading

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McDonald’s USA Restaurant Locator

Going on a vacation? The McDonald’s Trip Planner can help you locate all the McDonald’s along the way. For instance, it tell me that there are 10 McDonald’s on the way to visit the InLawsGeeding – I would have thunk … Continue reading

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Dangerously Fun

Warning! Many of the projects described on this website are dangerous. You must use this information at your own discression.  Link For instance, the vinegar grenade has a danger level of ‘moderate’.

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Survival Quiz: You Are The Unluckiest Hunter In The World

In this armchair test of your survival skills, we’re going to get you lost, we’re going to keep you lost, and as you struggle back to safety we’re going to throw a few roadblocks in your path — a rattlesnake, … Continue reading


“God Hates Fags” Guy Outed

In case you didn’t already know, it was a parody. In any case, it looks Rev. Donnie’s video is a hoax starring one of Dallas’ own, at least according to The New York Blade. Donnie Davies is actually Joey Oglesby, … Continue reading

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