Is God Dropping The Geedings A Hint?

Today we re-booked our Vietnam trip for a couple hundred dollars more and on a lesser airline (United is no Korean Air from what I hear).  But this didn’t happen without incident . . .

As we were booking our flight with a much more reputable and professional travel agency in one of the nicest parts of the DFW Metroplex the power went out.  But what was weird is that not all the power went out, only about a quarter of the building, and it just happened to be the area of the building our travel agent was placed.

Since she couldn’t check availability on a PC without power, she resorted to using the telephone.  However, during the middle of the conversation the phone went dead.

Don’t be surprised if the Geedings show up in an episode of Lost.

The trip goes as follows:

Fri March 09: DFW to San Fran – 3 hours 49 minutes
Sat March 10: San Fran to Hong Kong to Saigon – 19 hours 21 minutes

And going home . . .

Fri March 16: Saigon to Hong Kong to San Fran – 17 hours 28 minutes
San Fran to DFW – 3 hours 27 minutes

All U.S. travel will be on an Airbus, and all overseas travel will be on a Boeing 747 400.  I thought it would have been the other way around.

I’m really going to miss DogGeeding.

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4 Responses to Is God Dropping The Geedings A Hint?

  1. moldinasia says:

    Shall we meet at the airport? Coffee, food…hugs?


  2. Doug says:

    Your itenerary sounds like the Amazing Race.

  3. traceMan says:

    Having flown both United and Korean, there isn’t much difference. I would have to say that the flight attendants are much better looking on Korean Air, however.

    Have a safe trip.

  4. traceMan says:

    I can’t stand the taste or smell of any freshwater or seafood cuisine.

    I just noticed this on your site. You’re going to have some problems on Korean Air.

    Better bring some beef jerky or Pringles.

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