Daily Archives: 08 February 8, 2007

Superhero Top Guns

This post is dedicated to my favorite West Texas College Pastor.  Back in high school, we both were in a computer class which happened to have a Top Gun laser disc that we watched over and over again. If you are like … Continue reading


Beating Your Kid For Jesus

The murder trial of a Georgia couple accused of whipping, confining and then beating their son to death shines a spotlight on the child discipline practices of a controversial Brentwood church. Josef Smith, 8, died in 2003 on the day … Continue reading


A Few BON News and Notes

I’m sure some of you have noticed that there is no longer a link to the other pages of this website.  In particular, the Half-Asian Hall of Fame, FAQ’s, and GeedingOlogy pages.  This is because there was a software upgrade … Continue reading