I would like to thank WifeGeeding

For my Valentine’s Day present.  It is probably in the top 5 of gifts she has given to me, on second thought, it’s definately in the top 3.  OK, perhaps the best other than giving me her heart.

She also took me out to dinner where I saw Dandy Don Meredith (I was pretty darn sure that was him) escorted to a private room.  We had a waiter who just got out of the Marines and messed quite a few things up, but we still tipped him well considering the cirumstances.

When we arrived home from dinner, I found that both DogGeeding and OtherDogGeeding made me a Valentine’s Day card.  That was enough reason for me to give them a spontaneous treat.

Oh, and SisterGeeding gave us an intereting gift.  It hinted that she really wanted a nephew, even though nothing like that is even on the Geeding Radar.

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4 Responses to I would like to thank WifeGeeding

  1. Hobie says:

    each time i click on a “link” like Valentine’s Day present = I get a BON message that says “what you are looking for can’t be found here”. why?

  2. Nathan says:

    I got a Valentine card from my dog too! Hilarious.

  3. littlepastor says:

    No Kiddos on the radar with that car in the family. Where would the car seats fit?

  4. trich says:

    That car is RIDICULOUS! In a good way! But how did you get the plates already?

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