Geeding Interviewed

My church thought it would be a good idea to have an event in which all the young adults would be together in one room instead of their regular Sunday school classes.  I think they are going to try to do this once a quarter.  Since our church is so large, it can be kinda hard getting to know one another, and this was one way of working on that concern.

pia.jpegThe featured speaker at this event was the very noted-accomplished-gifted-saintly-talented-intelligent Alaskan author Margaret Feinberg who happens to be married to a very tall viking.  Personally, I think she looks like a blond Nina from 24, and yes, I’ve been watching way too much of those 24 DVDs and can’t get enough.  Towards the end of her presentation potato.jpegwas a video of some of the young adults at the church being interviewed.  For some reason, I was one of the three that was interviewed and was asked about my little space on the world-wide-web.  Margaret got such a kick out of my interview she called me a ‘Mouse Potato’ because of my little hobby.

After the event I went over and introduced myself to her and found a new friend.  She was nice enough to autograph one of her books for SisterGeeding and she even watched WifeGeeding remove her glass-eye.  She even wrote about it on her blog.  Heck, she even wrote a little something about BON.

If you are interested in the inteview, you can watch it below.  I got a kick out of the text that appears at the bottom of the screen when I first pop up.  And yes, I did have one butchered cliche.


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5 Responses to Geeding Interviewed

  1. Doug says:

    That is way cool. I love and identify with the part about productivity wasting.

  2. Nathan Hart says:

    Dude, you have such a Texas accent!


    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday here in the Enlightened North 😉

    (Great video, and a very nice plug from your new fan Ms. Feinberg).

  3. littlepastor says:

    You are the King of the World! You completely hijacked a ‘church thing’ to promote your blog! Awesome!

  4. Margaret says:

    I love the video–it’s so great! Thanks for the kind words….now I just need to go google Nina :0) That show stresses me out…

  5. Cajun Pastor says:

    If you refer to Bible Communities as Sunday School classes one more time I’m going to scream!! We do not have Sunday School classes at Irving Bible Church. Sunday School classes are for stiff, suit wearing Baptists, not laid back, blue jean clad people who meet in a room called “The Alcove.” Come on Geeding!!!

    And, yes, you did have a butchered cliche’. You also said your web site had “all thorts of things…” Your interview portion, though, was probably the best of the three. Nice work!!

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