Off to NYC and Best of Geeding

The Geeding Clan are off to NYC!  As I did with my trip to Las Vegas, I plan on doing a lot of mobile blogging with my cell phone, so posts will be intermittent this weekend. 

In the mean time, I noticed there are some new readers to BON, so here’s a little ‘Best Of – Get To Know Geeding A Little Better’ list.

Current Goal 31 of 31 – Finished
Heaven is going to be similar to a U2 concert
Me and My Hair

BON Christmas Card Experiment Conclusion
Christian vs. Christ-follower
Now That Touched My Heart
Meeting Ross Perot
Mom Stuff: 
  A Nightmare Realized 
MomGeeding Passed Away 
The Long Week That Was And MomGeeding Thoughts
What Celebrity Do You Most Resemble? REVISITED and The Chicago Sun-Times

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  1. Margaret says:

    Hoping this is a fun trip!

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