Dear Loyal BagOfNothing Readers –

 In case you are interested . . .

For some silly reason this stupid blog of mine means a lot to me.  I really enjoy sharing all the stuff I run across and find interesting, and it’s fun to see how my stats go up and down from time to time.  To be honest, it’s probably more vanity than anything.  I don’t have a plethora of loyal readers, but I do want to say it’s been a blessing getting to know you through your comments and emails. 

With that said, I think it would only be right of me to let you know that isn’t going to be as strong as it usually is for September and October.  There should still be enough posts to keep you interested, but that quality and quantity may be a little weak for the next two months because of my hectic schedule.

I’m writing this as I spend the night in the hospital watching MomGeeding go through her first chemotherapy session to treat her lupus that has pretty much destroyed her kidneys.  I fear dialysis is around the corner.  Initially I wasn’t aware that chemo is used to treat lupus, but you can read more about it here.  She’s scared and worried of course, but she is also freaking out since she’s in a room that looks very similar to the hospice room my father died in.  I’m not sure how many of these treatments she will have to go through, but since the beginning of this year we’ve been averaging about two doctor visits a week between her PCP, rhematologist, nephrologist, cardiologist, hematologist, and a few others.

She wants to go back to visit her homeland (Vietnam) one last time, so hopefully we get her strength up and avoid dialysis long enough for this to happen.  She had to move in with us back in January of this year, and I certainly can’t speak highly enough of wifeGeeding’s nobleness and grace regarding this matter.  WifeGeeding and I haven’t talked about starting a family anytime in the near future, but it will totally break my heart if I never see my mother hold a grandchild.  My father never became a grandparent, and that thought always made me sad and regretful.

Along with MomGeeding’s health, I also have other stuff on the agenda.  About two months ago I became the director for my Bible Community at my church.  It’s a position I really care about and take seriously, thus it takes a high priority in my life.

I also have accepted the opportunity to teach two different courses during the same session for a university in the area.  It’s an accelerated program for working adults which means classes are a total of four hours once a week.   I’m teaching two classes in two different areas, so I will be prepping to teach a four hour class on Mondays and a four hour class on Wednesdays, which means lots of prep work.

In regards to my primary job, a lot of OT is expected for the next several months as we have a huge project to undertake.  And if you are wondering, yes, all my TPS reports will have a coversheet.

As if that isn’t enough, I have a fantasy football title to defend, the new fall TV season, being a father to dogGeeding and otherdogGeeding, Saturday morning golf lessons with wifeGeeding, a weekend trip to Vegas, trying to make an effort to work out and get in shape, hazing sisterGeeding, my new Madden video game, and procrastination. 

All this to say that something has to give, and I think it may have to be my little website.  I don’t think it will suffer much, but if you notice either a lack of posts or the quality not being up to par, just know it’s for the next two months and then everything should be back to normal.  Who knows, maybe it won’t suffer at all and the time surfing the web will be a good stress reliever. 

Sorry for the rant, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Grace and Peace,


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