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In case you ever want to learn how to disco . . .

Click here.  

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Interesting List From Blender Magazine

10 Songs You Were Probably Conceived To

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2006 ‘Best & Worst’ HDTV List

10 celebrities who look better — and worse — under the unforgiving lens of high-def. Now, Swanni has named his 2006 ‘Best and Worst’ in HDTV Link Sometimes HD is not so Rosie.    

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Go barefoot anywhere

Read about the grass wheel.

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Cake Photos

More here.

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Crystal Pepsi

I remember DFW being one of the test markets for this drink, and I remember at the time that I actually liked it.  Anywho, here’s a page dedicated to it.  

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Google Cheat Sheet

“This two page Google Cheat Sheet lists all Google services and tools as well as background information. The Cheat Sheet offers a great reference to grasp of basic to advance Google query building concepts and ideas.”

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Steel Ice

“It’s a stone, it’s an egg, it’s… actually a sort of metal ice cube designed to chill your drinks without the diluting effect that ice has.” Link

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