UK Men want ‘macho’ hymns, fewer flowers and less dancing in church

They have stood the test of time and it seems that today, despite all the changes to church services, men still prefer to sing ‘proper macho hymns’.

Nearly 60 per cent of those who took part in a survey said they enjoyed singing – but added comments showing they preferred anthemic songs and ‘proclamational’ hymns as opposed to more emotional love songs.

Sixty per cent said they did not like flowers and embroidered banners in church, while 52 per cent did not like dancing in church.

Comments gathered from the online survey of 400 UK readers of the men’s magazine Sorted also showed many did not like hugging, holding hands or sitting in circles discussing their feelings in church. Most were churchgoers.

The magazine suggested a top ten of male-friendly hymns including: Onward Christian Soldiers, Guide Me O Thy Great Redeemer, All People That On Earth Do Dwell, Amazing Grace and Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind Forgive Our Foolish Ways.

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One Response to UK Men want ‘macho’ hymns, fewer flowers and less dancing in church

  1. Paul Clifford says:

    They would have loved "Epic: The Man Series". I hurt my neck banging my head to Metallica during worship. Nothing like IBC and beef jerky during church.


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