Bible Reading Marathon Becomes a Baptism

If you’ve attempted to view the live stream video of this year’s Bible Reading Marathon at the US Capitol, you’re probably as disappointed as I am. The constant deluge of cold rain knocked us off the air almost immediately. In fact, we had serious technical problems due to weather from the very beginning, missing the dedication ceremony and only getting a few hours covered before the US Capitol police shut down our power out of safety concerns.

I blamed it all on the farmers! (You know, they’re always praying for rain!) Anyway, the Marathon did launch right on schedule, thank God! After presiding over the opening ceremonies, I was also the first up to read. 20-year Marathon organizers Pastor Michael Hall and his wife Terri asked me to read Genesis 1:1 in the original Hebrew, to which I obliged, of course. Then it was on to the next two chapters, after which other hearty souls took up the torch of God’s Word. Come rain or shine (and there’ll be a lot more of the former), volunteer readers from every walk of life will declare the Biblical record non-stop, verbatim and without interruption for a total of 90 straight hours!



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