TV Talk

So what’s the latest with you favorite TV show after the writers’ strike? has a nice little write-up.

Here are a few notables:

Season 7 postponed until January ’09.

30 Rock
Expected to shoot 5 new episodes to begin airing on April 10.

No new episodes until fall.

Expected to shoot 6 new episodes to begin airing on April 3.

Desperate Housewives
Expected to shoot 7 new episodes to air in April/May.

Friday Night Lights
No new episodes expected for this season. Future TBD.

No new episodes expected until fall.

Pushing Daisies
No new episodes until fall.

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  1. Doug says:

    Just a thought…after reviewing those TV shows I have found the only one I actively follow is SNL. Don’t get old people!!! You end up watching the Discovery channels, VH1, Speed channel, and HBO! That is it!.

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