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Holyfield-Tyson III?

AUSTRALIAN trainer Jeff Fenech has explored a possible rematch of the infamous Evander Holyfield versus Mike Tyson “bite” fight. Tyson, now 41, bit Holyfield, now 45, twice in the 1997 world heavyweight title clash in Las Vegas, ripping off a … Continue reading

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For my fellow U2 fans

And IMHO the best performace of the song: [Thanks, Pete!]

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I had an allergy test . . .

Last week I mentioned that I visited an allergy/asthma doctor, and this week I had a follow-up appointment to have full allergy test to narrow down what possible gave me my first ever asthma attack. Before the nurse administered the … Continue reading

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A Map of Space Junk


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Father of Christan Rock Dead

Larry Norman, who led a San Jose band into the Top 40 before becoming a revolutionary force in Christian music, died Sunday in Salem, Ore. He was 60. “He never tried to become the father of Christian rock,” says Charles … Continue reading

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It seems almost futile

Larger pic

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CD’s are an endangered species

48% of teenagers bought no CDs at all in 2007 LA Times Article The only reason I would buy a CD is for collection purposes.  For instance, when the new U2 CD (whenever that is) comes out I would prefer having … Continue reading

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Anomalous Motion Optical Illusion

You can print it out on paper and get the same effect. OpticalIllustions4Kids

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