Holyfield-Tyson III?

AUSTRALIAN trainer Jeff Fenech has explored a possible rematch of the infamous Evander Holyfield versus Mike Tyson “bite” fight.

Tyson, now 41, bit Holyfield, now 45, twice in the 1997 world heavyweight title clash in Las Vegas, ripping off a chunk of his ear, which he spat onto the canvas before being disqualified.

Holyfield has revealed to The Guardian newspaper in London that Tyson wanted a third fight with him and used his friend and trainer, former world champion Fenech as a go-between.

“There has been some talk between us,” said Holyfield, who failed in his quest to regain a version of the world heavyweight title for a record fifth time in October.

“Mike had Jeff Fenech, who’s been training him, call me a few months ago.

“Jeff says Mike wants to fight me again – but he needs to know if I would agree to it.

“I said, ‘It all depends on what they gonna give us – because I’m gonna catch a lot of flak if I say I’m fighting Mike Tyson again. I’ve already said I don’t want to fight Mike no more’.

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