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Romo Won’t Be Playing In The Super Bowl

He he does make a brief appearance in a Super Bowl commercial that will air Sunday.

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Navy fires electromagnetic railgun at record power level

DAHLGREN, Va. (AP) – A futuristic weapon getting a trial run by the Navy demonstrated its destructive power at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren.In the demonstration Thursday, engineers fired the electromagnetic railgun at what they said was a … Continue reading

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China plans to halt rain for Olympics

BEIJING — It is yet another attempt by man to triumph over nature.Determined not to let anything spoil their party, organizers of the 2008 Summer Olympics said Wednesday that they will take control over the most unpredictable element of all … Continue reading

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Texas governor plans to endorse McCain

Hold on, McCain.  Governor Good Hair last endorsed Giuliani and we all know where that got him. My theory . . . Perry is concerned that Romney gives him a challenge for best GOP hair and Perry just doesn’t want … Continue reading

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10 Bizarre Biblical Tales

Here’s #10, for the full list click here. 10. A lesson for those who dare mock male pattern baldness Found in: 4 Kings 2:23-24 One of the more inspirational passages in the Bible tells the story of Elijah, a wise … Continue reading

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Denture Ice Cubes


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Interesting Pillar Runway

Click on the picture to go to the original source and a larger version.

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Lost Returns Tonight

Thankfully last night ABC ran the season ender from last year so we could all get caught up and be reminded about everything that happened because it’s been so friggin’ long. But the re-run came with a twist, comments appeared … Continue reading

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