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Cute Kitten/Bird Pics

Via Cute Overload

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This would never happen on a Baptist campus

SMU considers pub to combat drunken driving An SMU task force created in the aftermath of three student death related to drugs or alcohol has recommended opening a campus pub that would serve beer and some students say it is … Continue reading

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Haning Octopi

Source and larger pic

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Lost Thoughts

This coffin thing is still bugging me.  I made a post earlier this week thinking the person inside the coffin was Ben.  However, after watching the one hour recap show last night, I started to think it could be Locke.  … Continue reading

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New Topps baseball set includes dozen presidential candidate cards

JANUARY 31–When the first packs of the 2008 Topps baseball card set arrive in stores next week, kids everywhere will be confronted with the mysterious calculus of value: How many Giulianis will get me an Obama? Is a Huckabee worth … Continue reading

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Reasons to root against the Patriots

Randy Moss. Does a guy who sulked and loafed for two years in Oakland deserve a Super Bowl ring? Rodney Harrison. One of the league’s dirtiest players, Harrison carries the banner for a Patriots secondary that many opponents believe gets … Continue reading

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Groceteria.com is a site about the history of the American supermarket, from both an architectural and a business perspective. As a general rule, the site covers events and stores of the 1920s through the 1980s.

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Ann Coulter Will Campaign for Hillary if McCain is the GOP Nominee

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